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    Vineyards Our vineyards are in the Tokaj Winer Region outside Sárospatak next to the tarn on Megyer Hill lies on Read more
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    Winery Handcraft is not only present in the vineyard. The endeavour for being natural is our most important principle in Read more
  • Family heritage

    Family heritage

    Family heritage The territories of the Harsányi Winery are found in the Eastern part of Tokaj-Hegyalja (Tokaj Foothills) right under Read more
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    Our slopes

    Our slopes KIRÁLYHEGY Királyhegy is the oldest historic vineyard of Sárospatak. The south-eastern, cool slope is based on rhyolitic tuff Read more
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Our winemaker

I shall not be lengthy and philosophical. I am a winemaker.

And I am the kind who tries to give as much experience as he can to as many people as possible. I love creating and I love being in nature. As a winemaker all this is possible that is why this profession is so colourful and exciting.

By making wine I give pleasure to somebody. I cause either a gastronomic experience or spiritual refreshment. That’s why I feel I have found my place in my profession.

The vineyard where I can work hides plenty of wonders to explore which I would like to present to our customers through the wines in the following years. I would like to produce natural wines with traditional technologies avoiding different treatment substances and to spend as much time in the vineyard as I can. I must follow the whole process so that I know the life path of the wine. I think this is the only way to authentically present the characteristics of a territory or a grape variety.

Henrik Hős-Nagy

Henrik Hős-Nagy

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