Price: 7 EUR

Estate furmint

Dry (2016) 0,75 l

Vinyard specifications:

Slope: Királyhegy, Kútpatka, Ciróka, Megyer
Grape type: Furmint 100%
Aging: Oak Barrel (1 month) & Stainless Steel (2 months)
Bottling date: April 2017


Alcohol content: 10,5%
Residual sugar: 3,6 g/l
Acid content: 6,9 g/l

A Silver-coloured wine with yellow and green reflexes. It’s fragrance shows an elegant neutrality with refined flintiness and green herbs. When tasted, it hits you with it’s freshness, provided by it’s complex acidity. It’s flavour is dominated by green apple and citrus.

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