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  • Vineyards


    Our vineyards are in the Tokaj Winer Region outside Sárospatak next to the tarn on Megyer Hill lies on… Read more
  • Winery


    Handcraft is not only present in the vineyard. The endeavour for being natural is our most important principle in… Read more
  • Family heritage

    Family heritage

    The territories of the Harsányi Winery are found in the Eastern part of Tokaj-Hegyalja (Tokaj Foothills) right under… Read more
  • Our slopes

    Our slopes

    KIRÁLYHEGY Királyhegy is the oldest historic vineyard of Sárospatak. The south-eastern, cool slope is based on rhyolitic tuff… Read more
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Our wines

Wine tasting with friends Wine tasting at a company party. Wine tasting in the vineyard.

Wine tasting in the office. Wine tasting in the cellar. Wine tasting during a dinner.

Wine tasting professionally. Wine tasting just for fun. Wine tasting in Budapest.

Wine tasting after hiking. Wine tasting on the terrace.


Which one will you choose?

We welcome our guests at two venues in Sárospatak.

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